New In The Shop: Hathor Aphrodisia

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hathor aphrodisia

A new shipment of hathor aphrodisia came in this week. When we first sampled this lubricant we immediately knew we had to carry it in the shop. This water-based lubricant is so slick and not at all sticky – a rarity in water-based lubes. On top of that, the ingredients are glyercin-free, paraben-free, petroleum-free, and vegan! Can’t get much better than that.

What makes Hathor Aphrodisia so unique is that every product has a aphrodisiac element to it.

Aphrodisiacs create a romantic moods and stimulate sexual pleasure through their powerful influence over mind body and spirit. Hathor Aphrodisias contain pure botanical emollients and organically cultivated essential oils. Aromatics intensify the joy of sensuality and the ecstasy of love.

– hathor aphrodisia

Right now we are carrying the Pure lubricant, the Exotic Love Massage Oil, and three flavored lubricants: Coconut Orange, Hazelnut Caramel, Chocolate Strawberry.

Stop in today to try a sample & take home your new luscious lubricant!



Penis Rings: Why and How-to Wear Them?

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Penis rings make a penis feel good & look good too! They work by restricting blood flow from the penis, creating firmer, longer-lasting erections.

As our good friend and world-renowned sex educator, Midori, likes to say: penis rings are like the push up bra for your penis. The ring is meant to be worn around the penis and the testicles, allowing for a firm grip, which pushes everything forward and can ever make the penis appear longer.

So far we know a penis ring makes someone harder, look bigger, last longer… and best of all, have more intense orgasms!

How do you put a penis ring on? Well, always start with a flaccid penis. Place each testicle in the ring first and then pull the penis through at the end. And definitely use lubricant for more ease and no snags!

Penis rings are also a great way to introduce sex toys to your guy. They are not intimidating and there is a very good chance he will enjoy them! He can either use it alone to get comfortable at first or you can explore them together.

These great little inventions are so popular that there is a whole variety to choose from. We are here to help you decide what the best penis ring is for you. Below we’ll guide you through some of our favorites:

Super Soft Silicone C-Ring
by Tantus

Okay, so MOST penis rings you have to put on with a flaccid penis, but Tantus says you can put this one on even with an erection. We always listen to Tantus. Like all Tantus toys, this ring is made of 100% ultra-premium silicone.  It is very soft, stretchy and safe to use. It also doesn’t break the bank at $9.99.

by Velv’Or

The J-Boa lasso ring is great for first-timers because it can be put on easily and then the small stainless steel ring can be slid towards the perfect adjustment. Tip for the ladies: that steel ring is also used to stimulate the clitoris. $39.

Tor II
by Lelo

The Tor II is not just a penis ring, it is a gentleman‘s ring, mostly because it’s fancy and rechargeable…because it vibrates. Yeah. The vibrating end can either be placed behind the testicles to stimulant the perineum or used on the opposite end to stimulant the partner’s clitoris. This is also made of stretchy silicone for easy wear. $119.

(Not in your budget? Or maybe still experimenting with vibrations? 4-US by Rocks-Off or Iconic Ring by Jimmyjane could do the trick.)

by Velv’Or

The last on our list is another Velv’Or penis ring –
But that just shows that this company knows penis rings!
The biggest difference with the J-Naja and the rest of them is that it is a NON-adjustable penis ring. Save this one for an advanced user. Only if he knows how intense the sensation is,
should he venture over to the non-adjustable playing field.
An important part of non-adjustable rings is getting the size right. $54.95.

So, how do you measure for a non-adjustable penis ring?
If you have soft measuring tape or even just a piece of string or ribbon, wrap it around the penis and testicles. He should be erect while taking the measurement. Then divide that number by 3.14 to get the diameter. Ex: 6″ divide by 3.14 = 1.91.
This number indicates that the ring should be .25″-.5″ smaller than 1.91″.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – Kink Edition

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Our next valentine’s day gift guide is on BDSM products for the kinkster in your life. We’ve got something for everyone’s budget this year. Give the gift of pleasure & pain for a spanking good valentine’s day.

Bondage Tape by Kinklab
This bondage tape only sticks to itself – not you. And can be used over and over again.

Love Bond Kit
Comes with 2 wrist cuffs, 2 ankle cuffs, and an eye mask, all made of soft mink.

Juliette Paddle
This paddle can go from a hard leather spank to a soft suede touch, all while dressed in beautiful trim & bow details.

See the rest of our Tie Me Up & Spank Me! selections.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

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For the third installation of our valentine’s day gift guide we are talking all about her. We’ve got something for everyone’s budget this year. Give the gift of orgasm with some toys she will love.

Tingle Me Vibe
Place the heart-shaped vibrator in any pair of underwear for some discreet fun for the night!

Droplet by Crave
From the boardroom to the bedroom, this silver vibrating necklace is as sophisticated as it is titillating.

Lyla Remote Control Vibrator by Lelo
She wears the vibrating bullet, while she or her partner controls the settings with the external remote, which also vibrates making for two toys in one.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Two

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The second installment of our Valentine’s day gift guide is all about spending time together with your toys. We’ve got something for everyone’s budget this Valentine’s Day. Give the gift of orgasm with some of our favorite couple’s toys…

Booty Parlor’s Don’t Stop Massage Candle
This soywax candle heats at a low temperature, making it safe to pour over your partner after 15-20 minutes of sensual ambiance and playtime. The porcelain container comes with a small spout for an easy pour.

Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch
This toy offers big vibrations in small, compact fingerpads to enhance your partner play. “Turn your natural touch into supernatural sensation.”

Fantasy Swing
Fulfill your partner’s fantasies this Valentine’s Day with this couple’s swing that can hold up to 350 pounds and swing 360 degrees.

Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him

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We’ve got something for everyone’s budget this Valentine’s Day. Give the gift of orgasm with some of our favorite male toys…

Tenga’s Squeeze Play

Designed for one-time use, the Squeeze Play is like a fancy masturbation cocktail. It comes pre-lubricated and allows the user to easily squeeze for varying suction and sensation.

Aneros Eupho Syn

Aneros is the best in prostate toys and the Eupho Syn is part of their latest line, made of a silky silicone material for added comfort. The small head provides for targeted prostate stimulation.

Cobra Libra

This vibrating toy is the sports car of male masturbators. Dual motors and ergonomically designed to stimulate the head of the penis – there’s no denying the satisfaction he will feel when he takes this toy for a ride.

Bottoms Up: A Beginner’s Guide to Anal

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You’re curious but not sure where to start when it comes to butt stuff? As anal sex continues to move into the mainstream, we want to welcome and encourage those that are curious about it to learn more. We came up with this resource guide for anal play newbies to add some ease and comfort to the exploration. At Pink Bunny we only sell and recommend products made of body-safe materials, so rest assure that everything below is from top quality brands in the industry.

Educational Materials:

Always start with educating yourself when trying something new in your sex life. The more you learn about anal sex, the more you’ll know know where you stand with it.
Do you need to learn more? Do you want to try it? Are you ready to try some stimulation? Maybe a finger? Maybe only lightly tickles at first?
The wanting to experiment with butt play is the first most important factor to think about because if you don’t want it then it might not feel so great. And there’s no reason to have sex that doesn’t feel good for you.
Anal sex can have some concerns, rumors, and horror stories surrounding it. The more you educate yourself about it, the more you might find that it’s a completely common and enjoyable activity.
Here are a few of our recommendations for debunking anal sex myths and teaching you everything you need to know to decide if anal sex is something you want to try:

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women by Tristan Taormino

One of the sexiest coffee table books you can learn from…

The Anal Sex Position Guide by Tristan Taormino

When you are more of a visual learner…

Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Sex


For your first anal toy, start small. We also suggest using plugs so you can get used to the unique feeling of anal toys.

Bootie by Fun Factory

Little Flirt by Tantus

Ripple by Tantus


The anus is not self-lubricating, which means lube is going to be your best friend. Gel lubricants are great for anal sex because they are thicker and provide more cushion.


Sassy Gel by Sliquid